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June loves to teach! Review some of her classes and workshops on Social Media Page.

June Ahern loves to share stories. Her book tours across the United States are lively interactions as she engages the audience with candor and humor about her writings and life as a psychic medium. Her 1990 debut book, a non-fiction consumer’s guide, titled The Timeless Counselor: A Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading (originally titled A Professional Psychic Reading As Alternative Counseling), was the number one seller by a new author at the 1991 New York Whole Life Expo where she was a featured speaker.

She has been a co-host and guest on radio shows, People Are Talking television program, and is featured in several videos on Youtube. She has written many articles, been interviewed numerous times.

June is a professional public speaker, teacher, CHT, and Life Coach. Her purpose is to  assist people to manifest their visions by living with clarity and with their unique abilities. As well as teaching and lecturing, June continues to share her psychic talents in a documentary series with The Haunted Bay, San Francisco Paranormal Investigation as seen on Youtube.com.


 If you are interested in taking a class with June in tarot, psychic development or learning the successful life coaching process ( sfcoaching.com workshop page), contact us for upcoming workshops.


Upon popular demand she is writing a sequel to her first novel,The Skye in June. Her books continue to receive overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and Barnes & Noble and "comments" page for The Skye in June. 


June's Personal Life: Like June's main characters, she was born in Glasgow, Scotland before emigrating to California at the age of six along with her family. She grew up in one San Francisco most famous neighborhoods – Eureka Valley – known now to many as “The Castro.” It sits just about in the heart of the city. She now lives on the coast in Northern California with her husband, cat and horse.


Radio show archives can be heard upon request.  Learn about June's psychic awakening on YouTube.com The Haunted Bay, Interview With a Psychic.  Her blog:  witchgoddesses.blogspot.com covers a spectrum of psychic articles. Books at CreateSpace, Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes&Noble and of course, right from the author autographed copies (see Purchase page.)


Youtube videos June Ahern featured medium for
The Haunted Bay-SF Barbary Coast Titles:
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The Defenestration Building
The San Francisco Old Min
Sharpsteen Museum Calistoga

Sharpsteen Museum #2
Great Star Theatre, Chinatown, SF