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​​​Past Media Events:
Media host please contact June to be a guest on your show - she's informative, lively and entertaining!  To contact June please see the form below or email skye in june at yahoo dot com
​• 10/11/17 The Haunted Bay Ghost Walk
• 7/5/17 Tell Me a Story - Magic Happens Radio Network Interview with Hostess host Annette Rochelle Aben. http://themagichappensnow.com/tell-me-a-story-with-annette-rochelle-aben/
• 1/24/17 Uncontained - Episode 050: The Haunted Bay - The Haunt - Part 1 & 2http://www.uncontainedpod.com
• 5/14/15 -Intuitive Transformational Radio Showwith Matthew Engel. About How to Talk With Spirits
• 2014 - 2015 Archives June's co-host radio show with Yerevanreadingsbyyerevan website, Radio shows.
• 10/2013 - 7/2016: Paranormal investigations as seen on YouTube . San Francisco infamous and famous locations. Calistoga Sharpsteen Museum & other haunted location at The Haunted Bay at YouTube.
• 1/30/15 The Subjective Perspective - 8:30 to 9 p.m. PST - Orbs, Ghostly Photographs, Horse Whiserping & More
• 11/15/13 The Subjective Perspective -  8 p.m. to 9 p.m. PST Bud and Roach Entertainment Station - "City of Redemption"
• 1/10/13: New American Dream Radio Show - 7:45 EST - "The Characters in June Ahern's novels are such complex and most interesting." Talk show host Chuck Gregory.
• 11/25/12: KGGV.95.1 The Bridge in Guerneville, Ca. - Sunday, 8 to 10 p.m. PST   She Said - Women Writers Radio. Ms. Ahern talks about her new  novel, "City of Redemption",1967 Summer of Love, San Francisco and why the times now are similar Stream: KGGV.blogspot.com
• 9/20/12: Article, City of Redemption,By Jean Bartlett, Pacifica Tribune Arts Correspondent,
San Jose Mercury News 
• !/23?2011 -  8 to 10 p.m. PST KGGV. 95.1, The Bridge, Guerneville, CA - She Said - Women Writers. Author June Ahern and Julie Hubert (Big Girl Bombshell ) with host Berdalee discuss the pluses for blogging as a platform for authors.
• 11/11/09: Pacifica Tribune Newspaper review by Jean Bartlett, Arts Correspondent "The Skye in June"
• 10/09: Bloomington/Normal Illinois Book Event Book Tour "The Skye in June"
• 6/09: WBNW-Boston Suzette Standring-The Art of Column Writing  www.connectwithjeannewhite.com/audio.html
• 3/09: Hollywood Stage Play of "The Skye in June" w/actress Elle Newlands
• 10/8/09: Novel excerpt "Eureka! San Francisco 1954" - Noe Valley Voice, San Francisco monthly newspaper.
• 8/8/09: Abstractions of Chakras, Palo Alto Community Television Station
​• 8/8/09: KFAI St. Paul, Minneapolis. Dixie Triechel.  Fresh Fruit: longest running Queer radio show in the country. 
• 8/8/09: KPOO S.F. Voices of the Native Nation
June has been interviewed on radio, television talk shows and for articles since 1984.
She has founded and operated a metaphysical center in San Franciso in the 1990s.

Since 1984 Ms. Ahern has been a guest on numerous radio shows staring with "Hypnosis Today" and mid-1l980's to early 1990's KPFA, Berkeley, CA Public Access Radio Station, "Indian Time". 


Book Parties are the rage! 
Fun book readings! Interesting and lively conversation!

"Ms.Ahern reads excerpts with her fabulous Scottish burr and engaged her piercing blues eyes

with the audience. This stayed alive in my mind and embellished my reading experiences."

 "The Skye in June" Book Party Guest, Brooklyn, NY Book Party  

Invite June to be your guest speaker: Book Reading Party, Book Club Gatherings, radio, television,, to lecture. She has many years of experience in the metaphysical, paranormal and parapsychology. June will read excerpts from her book(s) answer questions ask anything psychic, Scotland, San Francisco, The Summer of Love or any topics relating to her books.Contact us to host your event. Please see form below or email skyeinjune @ yahoo.com​. 

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We couldn't have had a more perfect guest. Ahern's really a natural--so cool and calm, articulate and conversational. - Karen Adams, Producer of Arts, Palto Alto Community Television    

BOOK READ PARTIES: How To Talk With Spirits: Seances, Mediums, Ghost Hunts. People are talking spirits, ghosts and connecting to dead loved ones through June's insights and teachings.

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